We’ve joined the Eco-Packaging Alliance!

100% recycled mailing bags, are heading your way.

So what does it mean it mean for you, that we've joined the ranks of the Eco-Packaging Alliance? From here on out, we'll help to contribute to global reforestation, because for every order of eco-packaging mailing bags we make, they'll plant trees for you in areas of need.

We’ve been searching for a while, as we wanted customisable, sustainable packaging that comes in a variety of sizes to suit our wide range of products.

And we finally found them.

The no issue packaging products are eco-friendly so that we can provide you with an unboxing experience that isn’t saddened by excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic. We've added in some eco friendly custom tissue paper and stickers to really strengthen the way we care for country.

We think you'll love them as much as we do. Can't wait to hear from you, shoot us a DM, private message or tag us with your pictures of your beautiful eco friendly packages wrapped around your newly purchased goodies! #noissueco #mkecobystarwin @starwincollective

We're now proudly using 100% recycled eco packaging

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