Congratulations class of 2020!

In 2014, Starwin founded a Tiwi Youth Girls Leadership program, grounded in the belief that young women needed equity of opportunity to complete their education, be safe and well and to dream big about what their future career pathways could look like. Our motto was 'one team- one dream'.
Our program focused on two elements, developing personal leadership skills and growing a peer support network. As coaches and volunteers we also provided role models for the young women to connect with.
Fundamental to this was collaborating with local schools and ensuring the foundation of selection for the program was based on engagement in education and positive behaviour in the learning environment.
Along the way, the groups we worked with strengthened and we saw an exponential increase in the numbers of young women graduating school.
This week even more step up to celebrate their success.
Congratulations to Tenisha and Marietta at Xavier Catholic College. To Shikira Henry at St John's College and to Bella, Mickey, MC, Demaga and Ruby at Tiwi College, and to Kenisha Daniels at Yirrkala CEC, who have worked so hard and done themselves, their families and communities proud.
Over the coming weeks we will share a little more of their stories and their accolades on and off the football field on our facebook page.
We have been deeply grateful for playing a small part this journey, a dream started long ago by Tiwi elders, for Tiwi young people to learn on country. Thank you to everyone who took part in our programs and supported these young women to achieve.
And as always, there is more work to be done, we look forward in 2021 to establishing new ways we can support career pathways for these young women beyond graduation 🎓
Photos supplied by: Dianne Moore (Tiwi College), Ash Webb (Xavier Catholic College), Scott Mannion (St John's College), and Reckiesha Daniels.
Tiwi College Graduates
St Johns College graduates
Xavier College Graduates
Yirrkala graduate
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