2021: The Power of One

Our 2020 Vision: Sea Change was a statement of our ongoing intent as we celebrated a decade of Starwin.

We carry this forward as we set our strategic direction for 2021: the power of one. Here we share it with you...

Its about the origins of 1: thinking small, what comes first and being one ~ a #oneofakindness collective. 


Our vision for 2021 recognises the power of one. We recognise everyone is part of creating a sea change, but first we begin within.  


We recognise the First Nations people on the land we live, work and play. Especially the Larrakia and Kuku Yalanji lands where we have a presence. 

We appreciate and advocate for the caring for country, kids and community. The origin of these concepts, being that Indigenous people have been the first innovators, makers and kreators and led the way for us all to do better for generation after generation since the Dreamtime.  


We are a one-of-a-kindness collective: we value the power of each and every one working together to create change. Ethical and honest practice underpins our model to grow a Made with Kindness Economy


We will be leaders; as solution brokers, we demonstrate a new way of working. We have a priniciple of invitation and lead from behind. We are innovative in the ways we work with women in enterprise in the tropical north.


Thinking small: One is a prime number and cannot be divided, but it can be multiplied. 'If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.' 


We achieve; we provide a first class service for our clients and community, with expertise in:

  • Economic Development - consulting to create change 
  • Employment - providing career pathways
  • Enterprise - developing women's businesses 
  • Empowerment - creating youth leadership opportunities 
  • Events - showcasing the tropical north at corporate and cultural events 
  • Experiences - bespoke cultural and creative experiences and tours 


We believe in the Starfish Parable. Each One of us has knowledge and the power to Teach One. By leading our own change, we will create ripples and sea change in our world. 


 Ripple effect

Find out more:

- About MK Eco by Starwin here

- Our Made with Kindness Economy here

- Our new TalentEd service here

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