TalentEd: for Clubs & Community

Talent Education
Children are the priority. Change is the reality. Collaboration is the strategy. 
Are you in the business of developing champions in sport, life, and community? Do you want to do business better? 
Let's take Your dream + Our team and collaborate.
At MK Eco by Starwin we champion creating community change. Collaboration is our strategy as we recognise we can go further, faster, together.
In 2021, we aim to consult and collaborate with community leaders committed to creating safe places and cultural spaces. If you have a passion for developing young leaders, and principles based on mentoring / coaching for leadership, then this is your opportunity to collaborate and become a champion for change. 
Starwin will work with you to create a 'Game Plan', using our proven 5P planning model: 
Purpose I Place I People I Practice I Promotion 
Our Priorities...
We aim to 'change the game', by working with groups to create safe places and cultural spaces; inclusive environments for all to succeed.
Our focus is developing career pathways for women & young people to do what they love, where they love. 
This will benefit clubs, communities and company's by increasing participation, building capacity and attracting more income. 
We bring our expertise in:
- strategic planning
- talent education camps
- cultural security training
- women's leadership
- volunteer recruitment and management
- income generation
- event and space theming
- traditional (Indigenous) games
- team building / cultural experiences 
- motivational speaking


Find out more...
Founded in 2010 our TalentEd program was grounded in the belief that young leaders in the north deserve first class programs, delivered on country, to develop their career pathways. 
We collaborated with community champions and together we designed TalentEd - creating a safe places and cultural spaces to deliver tailored programs incorporating life and career skills.
From 2011 to 2013, we invested in hosting our own stand alone talent education camps for young people in the top end in 2011, 2012 & 2013, seeing over 40 participants achieve qualifications in sports mentoring and skills for them to take this further. 
The program then grew and we provided it on a contracted basis to schools and sports clubs like St Johns College and Tiwi Bombers Football Club. 
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