K is for Kokonut...

Heneba (weaver & cultural facilitator)

"The session was a wonderful experience. I loved the practical aspects and the focus on talking and sharing. The weaving was so good that I've been weaving palm fronds at the caravan park with friends, and sharing more stories and opinions. A magical class. Thankyou" 
Isla ~ Share Space participant at Port Douglas, October 2020
Heneba Gutchen, is a Traditional Torres Strait Islander Weaver & Cultural Facilitator, currently residing in the tablelands in tropical north Queensland.
With ancestral knowledge passed down to her, from respected elders, she strives to continue sharing the preservation of cultural practices and aims to grow a Kokonut Revolution! 
Using traditional weaving practices, Gutchen is passionate about cultivating workshop spaces which encourage open dialogue that interconnect with social change, self- expression & personal growth.
In 2020, Heneba was based at our Port Douglas shopfront on Fridays and Saturdays for six months, as an Artist in Residence. This included filling our instagram on  with her live videos and sharing stories from across our collective.
Also as part of her residency, Heneba completed a course through Queensland Social Enterprise Council with Digital Storytellers to produce the story of Kaizis Traditional Coconut Oil for a Positive Action with Every Transaction series. 
Through Starwin, you can book in house Share Space: Mandala Weave sessions, shop her ‘Woven Scriptures’ for sale and book Heneba to facilitate a weaving circle at local community event. 
To find out more out Heneba and support her practice...
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