Artists in Residence

In 2016, Starwin grew our Career Pathways initiatives by offering local artists the opportunity to hold space and access mentoring to grow their artistry and develop their enterprise.

This is formalised with an MOU as an agreement, including access to work space and resources at our shopfront, remuneration for retail hours / creative work and the opportunity to receive full proceeds of any workshops they host on site.

Starwin also connects our artists with corporate clients for commission works, assisting with development of new designs and products for and sales of any creations in store. 

We are currently looking to expand this opportunity in 2021, if you are or know someone interested, e: 


For the artists story's, follow these links... 


Copy Tatt, 2016

Chidanpee Cultural Enterprise, 2018

Kreative Karina, 2020 & 2021


Port Douglas 

Delissa Walker Weaver, 2019

Plant Based Native, 2019

Heneba Gutchen, 2020


Art installation Heneba Gutchen

📷 by Heneba Gutchen. Artists installation of woven baskets 'All Creation is Innaconnected'. Corporate gift order for Peppers Beach Club, Port Douglas. 



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