ADF Career Mentoring

Starwin is dedicated to offering career pathways to young Indigenous women from remote communities. Through our partnership with Australian Defence Force (ADF)  - we host an annual career mentoring program for young Tiwi Women.

October 2019

Congratulations to the following young women who have been selected to take part in this years program – as nominated by their schools/footy clubs or community leaders.

1. Chelsea Dunn, 2. Caitlyn McLennan, 3. Martha De Santis, 4. Shikira Henry, 5. Irene Brooks, 6. Michaeline Mungatopi, 7. Kimberley Stassi, 8. Samara Puruntatameri, 9. Simone Munkara, 10. Marietta Puautjimi, 11. Rosemary Woolley   

The students will be accompanied by Tiwi Leaders: Kyanne Warlapinni (youth leader, Buffaloes FC) + Casimira Tipiloura (Assistant Teacher, Xavier College)

Sally-Anne Nilco will also join the trip as a Norforce Indigenous leader. Sally-Anne was part of the inaugural Tiwi Bombers Youth Girls team. 

The Around the Campfire workshops and football carnival they will take part in can be followed on facebook here 

You can also follow on our Starwin facebook page & ADF Aussie Rules page 

A HUGE thank you to our Starwin sponsors / supporters in Goodwill Hunting Co, Fitzroy Rotary, Rotary International, Sealink NT, and Lovekins who make it all possible! 

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Earlier in 2019

Two of our prior participants played with Essendon Bombers VFLW side - Jessica Stassi & Freda Puruntatameri.

Freda Puruntatameri, Jessica stassi

October 2018 Program

In 2018 the program moved to Adelaide for the Around the Campfire Cup. Eleven young Tiwi women, nominated by their schools and two leaders travel 10-14 October with the support of ADF, Sealink NT, Territory Air Services, Fly Tiwi, Cricket & Football Shop and Fitzroy Rotary Club (VIC). Activities this year focused this year on RAAF work experience and a visit to Port Power Academy.  

Our 2018 participants and leaders were Kyanne Warlapinni, Sarah Fernando, Shikira Henry, Cassius Morgan, Freda Puruntatameri, Kimberley Stassi, Martha De Santis, Mickey Mungatopi, Shenaida Bush, Julianna KerinaiuaJenna Singh-Lippo, Gladys Puruntatameri [leader] and Jessica Stassi [leader].

Read more about the trip here 2018 roundup

November 2017 Program

We traveled to Melbourne with a team of youth girls, identified by their schools as demonstrating leadership in their participation with education, cadets and local football. 

The four day experience saw them engage in activities with Indigenous females from the Defence Forces acting as mentors. Click here to discover more out about the program and their success in the Navy Daily News. 

October 2016 Program

We travelled to Victoria to participate in the inaugural Koorie Women's AFL carnival at Bendigo. Participants are mentored by Indigenous women in the forces and activities include work development skills, simulated shooting, nutrition, a visit to social enterprise Boots for All and AFL clubs Essendon & Richmond. 





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