Building Collective Confidence (BC+)

As part of our 2020 Vision we are committed to doing business and collaborating - meaning we can go further together, faster.
Starwin has been fortunate to get an NTG Business Adaptation grant, and so in true Starwin spirit, we want to share the kindness with our collective (workers, suppliers, clients) too. 
Participants will work alongside us to co-design a new wave of support for community enterprises starting out and/or seeking confidence to creatively share their stories in digital spaces.
To make this happen, we teamed up with Kreative Karina & Nickie White Creative and since August 2020 we have been working behind the scenes to design an innovative way to offer FREE support for our collective to...
- Be Creative + Confident
- Build Content + Conversions
- Be the sea Change
We aim to see more local enterprises connect, convert and celebrate with success in the online marketplace - meaning we can service our community better! 
Launched in October 2020, we look forward to continuing to achieve our 2020 Vision: Sea Change and celebrating success with  our collective and community. 
Find out more...
- complete our survey (for collective members)
- join our BC+ facebook group
- watch this space as we begin to post resources (for our community)
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