Building Collective Confidence (BC+)

As part of our 2020 Vision we committed to doing business and collaborating - meaning we can go further together, faster.
Starwin attracted an NTG Business Adaptation grant, and in true Starwin spirit, we wanted to share the kindness with our collective (workers, suppliers, clients) too. 
Participants worked alongside us to co-design a new wave of support for community enterprises starting out and/or seeking confidence to creatively share their stories in digital spaces.
To make this happen, we teamed up with Kreative Karina & Nickie White Creative from August 2020 to offer FREE support for our collective to...
- Be Creative + Confident
- Build Content + Conversions
- Be the sea Change
Our aim was to see more local enterprises connect, convert and celebrate with success in the online marketplace - meaning we can service our community better!
Each participant completed a survey, and 1:1 support sessions and then we created a snapshot plan to meet their digital priorities. Each participant could access up to five hours of support including graphic design, photography and/or digital growth. 
To keep connected we also led a facebook group & created tailored resources for the group & meet ups.
This has now led to our Women's Business Circles, launched in March, 2021. 
If you are keen to collaborate with us to design a digital confidence program for you or your team, please connect with us. 

Dear Karina, Karina & Nickie,
What can I say? My experience as a member of this collective couldn't have come at a better time. I spent most of 2020 unwell, unmotivated and almost invisible online. I think I posted 10 pics on Instagram in ten months of 2020. 
Fast forward to Feb 8 2021, and I've not only got my website tidied up, have a suite of stunning professional photos, but my Instagram account has exploded. My Insta community has grown by 25%, engagment up by 80% and my motivation has accelerated beyond my wildest dreams. All of this is a direct result of being a part of the BC+ Collective. Thank you all for giving me the support I needed with such kindness and grace.
Bron xx 
Bron Clee
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