Port Douglas

Our Port Douglas shopfront opened in May 2019 and through a collaboration with NEATO Employment Services, we are supporting Back to Work opportunities for locals.  

In 2020, at our Port Douglas shopfront you will be greeted by: 

Meet Maria Pavloglou

"Hi my name is Maria. I was born in Greece and my family moved to Melbourne when I was three years old. Like many people I came for a holiday in Port Douglas, and then moved up here...twenty four years ago now. I am enjoying working at Starwin and returning to the workforce. I have the opportunity to  learn about different Indigenous cultures and I love how we sell hand made jewellery, Aly de Groot's jellyfish collection and Lia from Plant Based Native's woven earrings are my favourites. I also like Kaizi’s products made out of coconut oil and have been using it for many years! I look forward to greeting you." 


 Meet Lina Colaco

"Hi, my name is Lina and I am 25. I grew up in Darwin & the Tiwi Islands and am a mother of two daughters. I recently moved to far north queensland from Brisbane and now call Mossman home. I love spending time with my family and cooking in my spare time". 


You will also have the chance to meet work experience students through our collaboration with Cape York Girl Academy


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If you would like to support this initiative and invest in career pathways for young Indigenous women, please get in touch


Initial team in 2019...

Besanka Creek

"Hi, my name is Besanka Creek and I come from Kaantju and Kuku Nyungkal lines.

My family and I are originally from the Cape York but moved to Mossman many years ago, so now I call this place my home. I'm into Rugby League and I also play for the Mossman Sharkettes Ladies Team along side my to older sBesanka Creek Starwinisters. We enjoy each others company out and off the field also with my team mates.

The bond I have with my family is very strong we do a lot of things together sometimes on weekends like hunting, fishing and swimming - eating what I catch is a lot more fun!"



Ellie Haines StarwinEllie Haines

"Hi, my name is Ellie and I'm 17 years old. I've lived around Port Douglas my whole life and although its beautiful new opportunities are hard to come by. Its so lovely working with Karina and learning new things within and outside of the industry. My dream is to work with children and I'm hoping sometime in the future i will have the qualifications to make a difference in their lives. Starwin is all about kindness and i love that I'm able to be apart of something so lovely. Kindness is something not all children have the privilege of getting and I hope in my future I will be able to give as many children the kindness they deserve." 

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