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New in 22!

As part of our 2022 Vision: Two Kind, we have a commitment to listen and learn. With an aim for doing business better, we have collaborated with Tiwi designer Clair Helen, to create a set of icons that represent our Makers & Kreators, so our community can connect and discover the story behind each gift.

Clair Parker is a Perth based artist and designer for the label Clair Helen. She is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Tiwi Islands, NT. 

The Territory born graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design Sydney in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and is also a renowned graphic artist. 

These icons help you identify where something was made and who by, so you can choose how to best invest.


  Eco Friendly

  Hand Made

   Youth Led Enterprise

   Womxn Led Enterprise

  Indigenous Led Enterprise

   Made in Queensland 

   Made in Northern Territory

   Made in Australia


We welcome you to get in touch if you wish to know more about the origins of any gifts in our collection, email:


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