What makes us an Eco?

As an Eco we are committed to caring for country.

Our Two Kind Vision is inspired by the belief that each and every one of us has the power to make change.

As we welcome the change of seasons in the north, its a good time to refresh and renew our ideas for choosing green. 

Some of the ways we care for country each and every day that you can help support are: 

🧺 We have boomerang bag baskets in our store. We welcome you to drop by your unwanted shopping bags for others to use. And when you shop with us, choose to reuse and grab a bag from the basket. Or better still bring your own! 

♻️ We joined the Eco Packaging Alliance, using No Issue wraps, cards, tape, stickers and mail bags as part of the Eco alliance for all orders 

🌐 Our devices are powered by Ecosia, meaning each time we are online we are contributing to planting trees

🚚 We give priority to selecting gifts handmade by local Makers and Kreators, or if items travel to us we choose to support those who care for country. Find out more of their stories in our Makers & Kreators blog

🎁 We showcase gifts that are made from upcycled, recycled or organic materials or at end of life can be repurposed. 

📖 We have a Good Reads for Good Deads initiative at our store, where you drop by and pick up preloved inspirational and eco friendly magazines like Frankie, Small Collective, Peppermint and more (saving them from going to waste) 

🏷️We use washi tape and kraft tags to price our products for display 

👗Our Darwin store features our Higher Attire for Young Stars initiative, gifting preloved formal wear to women in need of a dress to help celebrate their success

📝We choose eco stationery and cleaning supplies, recycle our ink cartridges and do all we can to reduce our footprint in store. 

📦We reuse and recycle packaging from any deliveries 

💸We choose to pay extra for a carbon offset with our power supply company. 

🌿Our spaces are refreshed by greenery, we love our plants! 

🚽 We use Indigenous eco Yarn'n for our toilet paper supplies 

We also regularly share stories across our social media platforms that highlight ways to connect with and care for country. Follow us for more inspiration... 

👉 Insta @starwincollective 

👍 facebook.com/starwincollective 

We hope in sharing our story, we inspire you to create change too! You can start by following this Everyday Sustainability Guide

And if you have any ideas on how we can do business better and improve our practices, we would love to hear from you too. All suggestions are welcome, just drop us a line at karina@starwin.com.au

Collectively we can all do better, your kindness matters. 💚

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